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Koh Hey, Tham Hin

23 Apr 15

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Koh Hey is 45 years old. He came to the Tham Hin camp in 1998, so he has been living in the camp for 17 years. In 2010 he became a bamboo worker with TBC and started planting bamboo up in the mountain on 30 acres of land. In 2013 he planted many bananas, bamboo, eucalyptus and other trees in an additional land of 10 acres. Sometimes people laugh at him because he is small, and when he introduces himself as a bamboo worker people also laugh. He has taken on the management of bamboo for five years now. He works very hard and is proud of what he is doing. He says: “This area used to have no tree and was very dry, but after we have grown bamboos and other trees, the area has become moisture and people in the camp can start taking some bamboos for building and they can have some bamboo shoots”.

Every morning he and five co-workers go to the plantation area for cutting grass. One time he had a bee sting, another time a snake almost bit him and he has been bit by a lot of mosquitos. He really commits to his work and does not care about the problems.

Today Ko Hey has a big smile on his face because the bamboo is growing well and the area will turn in to a forest. He believes that this will be of benefit to the camp population soon.