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Saw Da Wi

10 Sep 15

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Working as a Warehouse Security Guard, Saw Da Wi used to live in Karen state, and now resides in Mae La camp. He had to move a few times before he arrived in Mae La, where he began working as section security. Once a warehouse staff position became available, Saw Da Wi successfully applied. He was responsible for taking stock and maintaining the warehouse during the night shift, which he keeps impeccably clean. He was eventually promoted, and has worked to ensure security in the warehouse every night for almost eighteen years, and there have been no incidents in all of the years since. Saw Da Wi explains that managing this warehouse for as long as his son’s life span, has given him pride through contributing to his community.

Saw Da Wi does not intend to apply for third country resettlement. He fears that the travel needed would be too strenuous for his wife, who can’t even ride a motorcycle without feeling sick. Instead, if there is no longer any fighting in Burma/Myanmar, and it becomes a secure and peaceful place to return to, he is eager to settle in his former village with his wife and son. He wants to know how long he will have to wait for this opportunity.