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Current Challenges

TBC’s programme is evolving as circumstances change.

Recent political developments in Burma/Myanmar have raised the possibility of reconciliation after decades of conflict in ethnic areas. TBC is committed to supporting peace-building initiatives.

In the evolving political context, TBC is recalibrating activities to ensure a focus on ‘preparedness’.

Although it is still too early to promote refugee return, it is not too early to plan for an eventual return.

In the last few years TBC has placed increasing emphasis on promoting the self-reliance of refugees, by supporting them to deploy and develop their own resources, and through livelihood activities.

TBC works in partnership with the refugees to maximise their participation in activities and their leadership and management roles. It supports the building of skills that will be important assets when return and reconstruction become a reality.

TBC supports the organisational development and sustainability of all its community-based partners. This is important both for ensuring the efficient delivery of relief in the current context, and for ensuring that CBOs are ready to assume significant roles in reconstruction and rehabilitation initiatives in a post-conflict context.

TBC is prepared to participate in the eventual voluntary repatriation of the refugees when the situation allows safe and dignified return to Burma/Myanmar, and to assist, as appropriate, in their subsequent rehabilitation.

Funding challenges: With staple food prices increasing and a reduction in support from some donors, it has been more challenging than ever to carry out TBC’s essential work. This has forced TBC to make cuts to the programme, including cuts to the food ration, which now falls below the international SPHERE minimum standard.

To limit the impact of the ration reduction, improvements have been made in the ration quality. TBC is also placing increased emphasis on ensuring adequate support for the poorest and most nutritionally vulnerable segments of the camp population. It is also continuing to invest in livelihood opportunities in the camps.

For more information on the latest developments in TBC’s programme, see our most recent six-month reports.