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Community Agriculture Programme

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The goal of this programme is to contribute to household self-reliance, food security and nutrition, and to strengthen family and community livelihood capacities.  In 2014 the programme is expanding activities in all nine camps and aims to double the reach and impact of:

  • Cluster group formation and farmer field schools
  • Community gardens
  • Kitchen gardens and school gardens
  • Support for community/refugee- initiated agricultural projects
  • Distribution of seeds, farm implements
  • Coordination with Livelihoods Working Group
  • Strengthening of camp livelihood committees of the Karen Refugee Committee and the Karenni Refugee Committee.

Using a farmer field school and cluster group organising approach, refugees coach and learn from each other. They plan and set up community gardens and kitchen gardens using integrated farming systems; implement livestock-raising projects; set up savings and loans schemes, and do product marketing activities together.

The programme is being expanded as part of TBC’s efforts to promote self-reliance by providing the refugees with training and livelihood options that both complement the food assistance delivered in camp and will be useful in a return scenario.