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Community Management and Preparedness Programme

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This programme aims to strengthen refugee leadership in governance, promote more meaningful refugee community participation, and support preparedness. The programme’s key components are:

  • Camp management and refugee representation  
  • Protection and accountability
  • Coordination of support in the delivery of humanitarian assistance and basic services
  • Development and support to refugee-led preparedness strategies
  • Support for refugee-led advocacy
  • Capacity building in management, public administration, democratization, peace-building.

The community-based camp management model developed and adopted on the Thailand/Myanmar border is unique. The programme enables refugees to participate in decision-making and programme design and implementation, contributing to the longer term vision of self-reliance.

TBC has continued to play a leadership role in this process through its Community Management Support Programme (CMSP). This programme employs a consultative, participatory and transparent approach which encourages refugees to engage directly in the governance and management of their communities.

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Read how Shally Than became a community leader in Ban Nai Soi camp in late 2013, and Saw Hsa Htoo Mwe of Umpiem Mai camp's views on the current management and other challenges facing the refugee community.