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As part of TBC’s Burma/Myanmar-based programmme which strives to mitigate and reduce the vulnerability of IDPs and others affected by conflict and abuse in rural areas of South East Myanmar, TBC provides food support to a number of IDP camps in the region, close to the Thailand border. These are:

  • Loi Kaw Wan     Monghsat Township, Shan State,
  • Loi Sam Sip       Mongton Township,  Shan State,
  • Loi Lam              Mongpan Township. Shan State,
  • Loi Tai Lang       Mongpan Township Shan State,
  • Ee Tu Hta           Hpapun Township, Karen State,
  • Halockhani         Kyain Seikkgyi Township, Karen State

To see the general locations and population data for the IDP camps, see TBC’s map of Refugee and  IDP Camp Populations here.

The cash transfer and rehabilitation programmes implemented by TBC’s civil society partners are spread across six states and regions in South East Burma/Myanmar To see the general locations of TBC’s wider activities in support of vulnerable communities in South East Myanmar, view this map.