TBC has been chosen as a finalist for the Ockenden International Prize, which rewards efforts to promote self-reliance amongst displaced communities.

TBC is one of 3 finalists from 67 candidates working in 33 countries around the world. This recognises initiatives preparing refugees and internally displaced persons for potential return.

The two other finalists are The Community Association for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights (ACDPH) for a project supporting returnees in Burundi and ZOA-Relief Hope Recovery for a project revitalising livelihood opportunity in Sri Lanka’s former war zone.

“This international recognition reflects the initiatives and commitments of the refugees living in the camps and the internally displaced people in South East Myanmar/Burma,” says Executive Director of TBC, Sally Thompson. “While conditions are not yet right for a dignified, voluntary return, the refugees and IDPs are preparing themselves for the day when their protracted displacement can end. On behalf of these engaged and resilient communities TBC is proud to be chosen as a finalist for the Ockenden International Prizes 2015.”

The finalists will compete for the 2015 Prize before a panel of five expert judges in Oxford on Tuesday 24th February, with $100,000 for the winner and $25,000 for each of the runners-up.

The winner of the Ockenden International Prize 2014 was Norwegian Refugee Council for an initiative supporting returnees in Zimbabwe.

More information about the Ockenden International Prize is available from http://www.ockendenprizes.org