An estimated 900 predominantly ethnic Mon people have fled into Thailand near Three Pagodas Pass following deployment of the Myanmar Army and Border Guard Force (BGF) troops into areas administered by the New Mon State Party (NMSP) in violation of the ceasefire agreement. This escalated into an attack on a garrison of NMSP’s armed wing in Palaing Japan resulting in the withdrawal of Mon troops and the flight of Mon villagers.

Local Thai authorities have reported 2 locations are currently accommodating those displaced by the conflict – Tao Tan (700 people) and Songkalia (170 people). Others are understood to be hiding in rubber plantations and surrounding areas.

TBC is currently coordinating with the local Thai authorities in Sangklaburi along with other INGOs and CBOs to provide humanitarian assistance to those displaced. As a first step, 100 sacks of rice (50 sacks provided by TBC and the remaining through donations from other parties) and other dry food items were sent to Tao Tan Temple and other areas. The food was prepared in a center by volunteer cooks and distributed to those displaced. Women and children comprised a majority of those currently displaced who resorted to sleeping on the floor in crowded spaces. Further to the above, Thai Red Cross, Private Sector, UNHCR and INGOs provided assistance in the form of blankets, mosquito nets, mats, clothes, mobile latrines among other items.

TBC is currently monitoring the situation and will continue to keep track of further development and provide necessary assistance to the displaced community accordingly.