TBC is working hard to support the families affected by the fire in Ban Mai Nai Soi refugee camp on the 7th of April. An Emergency Funding Appeal has been sent to the donor community and to TBC members in order to cover the costs for bringing food and shelter to the 185 families who were affected by the fire.

Currently the families are being temporarily located with families and friends and in community buildings in the camp. Communal kitchens have been set up, and the TBC shelter team is working hard to be able to provide the necessary materials to rebuild the 185 houses and 2 community buildings that were destroyed by the fire.

The Emergency Funding Appeal operates with a budget of 5 million TBH (152,000 USD). This will cover the costs for building materials and for one month of food rations to the 185 families. The full text of the Appeal can be found here.

You can donate directly to the support of the families in Ban Mai Nai Soi here.