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Chronic malnutrition rates decrease

04 Mar 16

2017 12 06 Chronic Malnutrition Rate Tn 850X412

The 2015 Nutrition Survey carried out by TBC and health agencies revealed significant progress in reducing stunting by 5.7% and maintaining a low level of wasting at 2.0% in the refugee camps on the Thailand-Burma/Myanmar border since 2013.

Standardised nutrition surveys of children from 6 - 59 months of age are conducted biennially in all camps in coordination with CCSDPT health agencies.

Stunting can have long-term adverse effects on a child’s life, and if not addressed before 24 months of age it is almost irreversible.

Border-wide, acute malnutrition rates for children under 5 years of age remain within acceptable levels (World Health Organisation) at under 5 percent.

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