(Karenni/Kayah State)

Working with mothers and children meant that auxiliary nurse Daw Khi Ohn Myint was familiar with health challenges such as diarrhea and skin disease that were commonly experienced in Chit Kweit village in Bawlakhe Township, Karenni/Kayah State.

The substandard village water supply wasn’t helping. “A lot of lime residue used to form very quickly in the pipes. This led to blockages, and the water was not clear. We had to dig up the pipes a lot, to clean them,’’ she said.
A project initiated by a TBC partner supported villagers to install larger pipes and a water filter unit using charcoal, rocks and sand.

Lime build-up was reduced by around a third. The larger pipes were also easier to clean.

“Now the water flow is clearer and faster. I’m so grateful for this, and happy about it. It’s going to benefit community health.
“Money that people used to have to spend taking children to the clinic can be used on their education instead,’’ said Daw Khi Ohn Myint, who is also a member of the village development committee (VDC).

“Our committee members are very engaged, and I hope there will be more opportunities like this that help boost our villagers,’’ she added.

TBC’s Burma/Myanmar Programme supports civil society organisations to conduct recovery and community-driven development projects in conflict-affected parts of southeast Burma/Myanmar.