Pride in his job is important to Saw Da Wi, a warehouse security manager at Mae La camp.

Saw Da Wi had to flee from his home village in Karen/Kayin State a number of times before he arrived at the camp almost two decades ago.

After first taking a section-security job, he secured a position as warehouse security guard, still working nightshifts.

A promotion led to an oversight position, and for eighteen years the conscientious night-shift worker has taken responsibility for security, stock checking and maintenance at the important camp facility that he also helps ensure stays impeccably clean.

During all the years of his work the warehouse has seen no major night-time incidents.

The successful performance of the job and the contribution he makes to the community through the work is something Saw Da Ni is proud of.

The father of a son whose age exactly matches the length of time Saw Da Ni has spent as a security leader does not intend to apply for third country resettlement.

The travel would be too strenuous for his wife, who can’t even ride a motorcycle without feeling sick, he said.

Instead, if there is no longer fighting in Burma/Myanmar, and it becomes a secure and peaceful place, he is eager to settle again with his family in his former village. He would like to know how long he will have to wait for this opportunity.