Having served as a section leader, zone leader, security in-charge, and as an elected member of the Umpiem Mai Camp Committee, Saw Hsa Htoo Mwe has worked for his community in many different leadership capacities since 2003.

Currently serving as Camp Supplies Manager, Saw Hsa Htoo Mwe has been at the forefront of a challenging year for the refugee community as Community-Managed Targeting and ration changes were implemented in the camps.

Saw Hsa Htoo Mwe played a central role in the communications campaign and In trying to work with the community on developing alternative coping mechanisms In relation to the change in rations.

“We encourage the camp residents to rely on livelihood activities, small businesses and local NGOs in order to earn some income to support their families,” he told TBC, reflecting on the rollout of the changes and the work the community and TBC put in to outreach in the camp.

However, he also acknowledged the deep challenges, both for the community and for the camp leaders. “We are in the middle, [as] we know about TBC’s funding situation. On other hand, we also feel pity for the camp residents so we tried our best to fulfill these gaps.”

Saw Hsa Htoo Mwa says that the ration changes have been very difficult for the community, and explaining them and trying to answer the community’s questions has also been difficult.

However, it is because of the dedication of leaders such as Saw Hsa Htoo Mwa and their determination to make sure that the community had accurate information and an opportunity to prepare for the changes, that the ration changes went smoothly and that the needs of children and the most vulnerable could continue to be met.