07 Oct 16

TBC and non-government health organisations conducted nutrition surveys of children aged 6 to 59 months of age in all camps in 2015.

The Feeding Practices section of the survey was expanded to better evaluate progress of the Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) Campaign, or ‘Healthy Babies, Bright Futures’, initiated in early 2014.

A total of 4,759 children were surveyed in all nine camps. An average of 2.0% of children surveyed were found with global acute (wasting) malnutrition border-wide. Wasting rates for children under five years of age are “acceptable” according to WHO benchmarks. Wasting in camps remains significantly lower than in Thailand or Burma/Myanmar. Further, in previous nutrition surveys conducted since 2003, wasting has been “acceptable” border-wide for every survey.

Significant progress was achieved in reducing stunting with an almost 6% reduction from 2013 – 2015. An average of 35.1% (range 22.3% – 41.1% border-wide) of children surveyed were found with global chronic (stunting) malnutrition.

Stunting ranged between “medium” and “very high” (WHO benchmarks); the average rate border-wide which was previously “very high” has now changed to “high.” Stunting in the camps is significantly higher than Thailand and comparable to Myanmar. Stunting in previous nutrition surveys conducted has ranged from “high to very high” border-wide, with notable progress in 2015.

The full Executive Summary is available in EnglishBurmese and Karen.