08 Aug 17

TBC’s Strategy has been updated to focus on supporting the voluntary return, resettlement and reintegration of displaced communities from Burma/Myanmar.

The document is available in English, Burmese, and Thai.

The strategic directions engage displaced communities in return planning; strengthen food security and sustainable livelihoods; address humanitarian needs; promote protection; and prepare for TBC’s responsible exit.

TBC grew out of the need to protect basic rights, and provide services and support, to people fleeing conflict in Southeast Burma/Myanmar starting in 1984 and until there is a resolution of that displacement.

In 2013, TBC established a presence in Burma/Myanmar to support future return of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Southeast and the transitional recovery of host communities after decades of conflict.

The rights and concerns of refugees and internally displaced persons, and the people in the communities to which they might (re)settle, remain TBC’s primary consideration in line with TBC’s mission, vision and values.

In the coming years, TBC will continue to work alongside communities, their leaders and all their members, especially the most vulnerable – children, women and ethnic/religious minorities – until the return and reintegration of refugees from Thailand.