TBC’s former Executive Director, Sally Thompson, has been included in the King’s 2023 New Year Honours list as an Officer the British Empire (OBE). She was recognized for services to humanitarian assistance on the Thailand/Myanmar border.

While this is an individual award, Sally believes it is also acknowledgement of the spirited response by local civil society organisations to reduce suffering since the military coup.  “I am honored to accept the award in recognition of TBC staff and all our local partners who risk everything to support their displaced communities under constant threat and attacks by the Burmese military junta on an unprecedented scale,” she said.

TBC echoes the assessment that this honour is not only for Sally’s distinguished service but also for community-based aid workers who are reinforcing resilience in areas the international agencies cannot otherwise reach. “We remain grateful for Sally’s decades-long commitment to Burma’s conflict-affected peoples, and to supporting their courageous leadership and wellbeing,” stated Samantha McGavin, Executive Director of Inter Pares and Chair of TBC’s Board of Directors.

The list of individuals recognised for overseas and international services this year is available from the following link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/new-year-honours-2023-overseas-and-international-list/new-year-honours-2023-overseas-and-international-list-order-of-the-bath-and-order-of-the-british-empire