Since the coup on 1st Feb 2021, tens of thousands of refugees are now living in remote areas along the Thai Myanmar border. They have no legal status in Thailand and risk arrest and deportation if caught by Thai authorities. Due to issues around access and protection this population has been extremely under- reported in the media and there has been little to no coverage of the challenges they have faced. Until now.

TBC recently interviewed more than 35 households along a 700+km stretch of the Thai/ Myanmar border and produced a briefing paper, detailing the struggles that thousands of families along the border face. Crucially the report also highlights their agency in how they try securing their livelihoods and their resilience in the face of adversity. Their backgrounds and lived experiences may vary radically, but they all share the same restricted horizons, and all their voices need to be heard.

This report sheds a light on their experiences and ensures that while underreported, they will not go forgotten. It features an analysis of the humanitarian situation for these arrivals, a detailed thematic analysis of their lived experience and a selection of direct testimony of refugees.

The report is also a reminder of how precarious the living situation for many on the border is. TBC has been providing aid to these communities since the coup, however we are increasingly facing shortages in funding. Costs to provide emergency food and shelter are 7 million THB ($190,000USD) per month, approximately 90 million baht ($2,500,000USD) for a six-month period.

Please reach out if you are interested in supporting our emergency response.

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