Rebuilding work was completed by the end of August 2017 on homes and community structures that were fully or partially destroyed by a major fire in Ban Mai Nai Soi camp the previous month.

The fire that broke out in Section 5 of the camp on 5 July totally destroyed 32 homes, while another 37 homes and two community buildings needed repairs.

Fortunately, there were no deaths or serious injuries in the very upsetting event, but a total of 147 refugees were directly affected.

Following an urgent meeting called by the camp commander, relief and recovery efforts began immediately.

TBC supported the Camp Committee to provide drinking water and cooked meals to all affected households in the immediate aftermath and worked with various refugee groups and agencies in a subsequent major drive to quickly rebuild and repair the affected structures.

Following the event, some affected families choose to move to another section of the camp, with the result that only 22 of the destroyed houses have been rebuilt in the fire-hit part of Section 5.

TBC’s Emergency Response programme includes Disaster Risk and Disaster Management Trainings in the camps, where fire, landslides and flooding are the main potential hazards.