TBC tenders for over 85 percent of its purchases. The TBC tendering process is fully explained in its Procurement Manual. (English).

Open tenders are issued for:

1. Regular camp supplies, where the supplier is responsible for delivery to camps.

Tendered commodities include cooking oil, charcoal, salt, and fish paste. There are two tenders per annum for each camp. Where possible, deliveries to camp are required each month, but due to bad road conditions to some camps it is necessary to deliver wet season supplies during the dry season, to be stockpiled in the camp.

2. Rice (25% White Rice)

Rice to be delivered to refugee camps; there are tenders every two months for all camps (six times per annum).

3. Yellow Split Peas

CIF Bangkok Port terms, as this commodity is not available from domestic sources. There are tenders every three months for all camps (four times per annum).

4. AsiaReMIX (fortified blended flour)

Ex-factory terms, three tenders per annum for the total requirement of all camps.


Tenders are normally issued three and a half months before the first delivery is required, asking for bids within three weeks.

For details of any current invitations to bid, see here. Contracts are normally awarded within another three weeks, i.e. two months before the first delivery is required.

For details of contracts awarded in the last twelve months, see here.

For details of TBC’s tendering schedule (2015), see here.

To contact TBC with any questions regarding our procurement requirements, or to inform us of your interest in becoming a supplier to TBC, please write to:

Supply Chain Solutions Specialist,
TBC, 12/5 Convent Road,
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Telephone: (66) 2238-5027
Fax: (66) 2266-5376
Email: procurement@theborderconsortium.org