The camps in Thailand could not operate without the work and contributions of residents and leaders who shoulder the bulk of daily challenges ranging from distributing food to providing shelter and social services.

TBC’s Thailand programme supports refugee communities to be involved and engaged in managing the camps, taking a lead in community-driven development initiatives, and planning voluntary return, resettlement and reintegration activities.

Initiatives that promote greater self-reliance are to the fore, while TBC continues to support the humanitarian needs of camp residents and their rights to adequate food, shelter and protection in a context of diminishing funding.

Food security and sustainable livelihoods activities are increasing in order to strengthen skills, agricultural productivity and nutritional awareness.

A digital food card system is successfully implmented in four camps as of the end of 2018, with more camps set to be added during 2019.

Refugee groups are taking the lead in managing camp shelters and settlement planning.

Nutrition-awareness campaigns are being stepped up, while extra nutrition support is being provided for the most vulnerable residents.

Camp management and governance capacities are being bolstered in order to promote refugee leadership in planning, strengthen refugees’ access to reliable information, and ensure that the voices of the community are heard.

In Photos: Scenes from the Camps

Faces from the camps are seen in these images taken by Mark Standen for the TBC publication ‘Nine Thousand Nights, Refugees from Burma, A People’s Scrapbook.