Kho Pha Cho has lived in Tham Hin camp since he fled Burma/Myanmar in 1997.

The camp was relatively bleak at the beginning, and Kho Pha Cho was an early contributor to the community’s efforts to make it a better place.

In 1998 he was selected as a Zone II Secretary and three years later he became 3rd Secretary responsible for shelter activities. Later he took on responsibilities related to warehouse activities with the TBC and has held that role ever since.

“I have learned so many things since I arrived at the camp, and I have been able to help many people, which I am really proud of.

“I am now 62 years old. Many people keep asking why I am still working. I tell them that age is of no matter.
“What matters is that we should do what we like. I like to support the community, therefore I continue working,’’ said the man who is usually known by the name “Tee Poe” which means “Little Uncle”.

“People in my family are also working for the community. My wife used to work for the Karen Women’s Organisation. One of my sons works as a Section Leader, two of my daughters work as teachers and one daughter works with COERR,’’ he said.

Kho Pha Cho has seen many friends go for resettlement to third countries to start a new life.

“That is good for them. But for me, resettlement is not a choice. I have always hoped that one day I can go back to the place where I was born with my family, and we can continue to support our people there.”