(Umpiem Mai camp)

Ram Zam Be, 33, is chairperson of the Muslim Women’s Association in Umpiem Mai camp, Tak province.

After arriving at the camp at a young age to escape difficult circumstances in Karen/Kayin State, Ram Zam Be started working with non-government organisations on child abuse and domestic violence issues affecting women in her community.

In 2008, she was a co-founder of the Muslim Women’s Association along with members of different community-based organisations and with the support of the camp committee.

In 2015, TBC began to support the committee in its work to protect children and women from abuse. Among the association’s activities now are included domestic violence case management, supporting a safe house, and providing counselling on family issues, early marriage and issues around school drop-outs.

Ram Zam Be said that she will not return to Burma/Myanmar because she does not trust the government, based on her experiences there as a young person. She would prefer to stay in Thailand with her husband, son and daughter. If that is not possible, she would prefer to resettle in a third country.

The UN Refugee Agency resettlement programme is currently closed, but Ram Zam Be hopes other agencies will find ways to help her move to a third country.