16 Jun 16

The Karen National Union (KNU) launched its revised Land Policy in Yangon during May 2016.

The policy recognises and protects the rights to customary tenure for indigenous communities and land restitution for displaced communities.

It addresses a wide range of issues, including recognition and allocation of land tenure rights and duties, changes to tenure and administration of tenure.

Article 3.3 of the policy, for example, addresses traditional Kaw (customary tenure) systems. It reads:

“Land, forests, fisheries, water and other related natural resources have social, cultural, spiritual, economic, environmental and political value to indigenous peoples and other communities with Kaw (customary tenure) systems. KNU Authorities must recognise, respect and always take into account these non-monetized values for peoples and village communities with Kaw tenure systems.’’

English and Burmese language versions are available.