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TBC has a wide range of reports related to nutrition in the camps.



TBC reports on Livelihoods in the camps are here



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 Special Publications

2010 09 News 9000 Nights Cover Tn 140X192

Nine Thousand Nights: Refugees from Burma. A People’s Scrapbook (2009).

This unique publication, ‘authored’ by hundreds of people, collects together a rich array of insights, memories and images to provide a deeply human and intimate portrayal of the life and experiences of refugees from Burma/Myanmar over a quarter of a century. Hard copies can be purchased online using PayPal or Credit/Debit Card by going here and are available from all TBC offices.




2004 Between Worlds Tn (1)

 Between Worlds: Twenty Years On the Border (2004)

In 2004 TBBC published Between Worlds to mark the occasion of its working on the border for 20 years. TBBC commissioned Sandy Barron to write the book, Masaru Gotu to take photographs of camp life and Diem Dangers to draw maps and graphics. The report provides a colourful history of TBBC’s work on the border and a commentary on the people and their lives as refugees. Hard copies can be purchased online using PayPal or Credit/Debit Card by going here and are available from all TBC offices.




2010 09 Muslim Profile Tn English 140X1733 Sides to Every Story: A Profile of Muslim Communities in the Refugee Camps on the Thailand Burma border

There are significant Muslim communities in three  border camps and this study considers how their particular community structures and faith affect their roles, needs and aspirations. The conclusions will be used to ensure that the TBC programme reflects sensitivities to their practices and preferences and will serve as a guide to similarly inform other service sectors. The report can be downloaded in English (62 pages, zipped PDF: 1.3Mb),Burmese (86 pages, zipped PDF: 2Mb), Karen (62 pages, zipped PDF: 1.8Mb) and Thai (62 pages, zipped PDF: 2 Mb).