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The nine main camps in Thailand vary greatly in size, from the largest, Mae La, with around 43,000 inhabitants, to Ban Mae Surin, with around 2,800 people. In June 2014, the total population of the camps (Verified Caseload) was 118,917 persons.

Camp residents are from a wide range of backgrounds and ethnicities.Around 77 percent of the total population of all camps are ethnic Karen/Kayin, 11 percent are of Karenni/Kayah ethnicity, and the remainder include Burmans, Mon and many others. 

The camps and their locations are (from north to south):

Mae Hong Son Province (4):   Ban Nai Soi, Ban Mae Surin,  Mae Ra Ma Luang, Mae La Oon          

Tak Province (3):                     Mae La, Umpiem MaiNu Po

Kanchanaburi Province (1):    Ban Don Yang

Ratchaburi Province (1):         Tham Hin

In 2005, the Royal Thai Government gave approval for resettlement opportunities to be offered to camp residents. Since then, over 96,000 people have been resettled to third countries. The great majority have gone to the United States. Other destinations have included Australia, Canada, Japan, Finland and the Netherlands. For more information, visit the website of the International Organisation of Migration (IOM) in Thailand.