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Who We Are

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The Border Consortium (TBC) has been working with refugees who fled conflict in Burma/Myanmar since 1984.

For three decades, it has been the main provider of food, shelter and other forms of support to the refugees in camps in western Thailand.

Over the years the TBC organisation has changed and evolved. Today its members comprise nine international non-governmental organisations  (INGOs) from nine countries. They are:

Christian Aid, UK and Ireland 
Church World Service, USA
DanChurchAid, Denmark
Diakonia, Sweden
ICCO, Netherlands 
Inter Pares, Canada
International Rescue Committee, USA
NCCA-Act for Peace, Australia 
Norwegian Church Aid, Norway 

TBC’s head office is in Bangkok, Thailand.

It has field offices in Mae Hong Son, Mae Sariang, Mae Sot, Umphang and Kanchanaburi towns in Thailand. TBC also has an office in Yangon with two field offices in South East Burma/ Myanmar.

TBC Board

TBC Board members meet at least twice annually in person at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) and at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). At least another two meetings are conducted electronically each year.

Board members are elected for a two year term at the AGM with a minimum of five members and a maximum of eight. The board must consist of at least four member agency representatives, as up to four  external candidates can be elected.

The current chair is held by Alexis Chapman (Independent).


TBC has the support of more than 30 large and small donors. Currently over 95 percent of its funding comes from the European Union and eleven governments.

Although most of TBC’s funds are now institutional, it still continues to receive funds from individuals, private foundations and organisations and churches. These contributions are particularly encouraging and uplifting for our staff and members.

To make a donation, please visit the Donation page.

TBC would like to sincerely thank its donors and members for their generous contributions and support.


Our Mission

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Mission Statement

The Border Consortium, a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, is an alliance of partners working together with displaced and conflict-affected people of Burma/Myanmar to address humanitarian needs and to support community driven solutions in pursuit of peace and development.


TBC envisions a peaceful Burma/Myanmar where there is full respect for human rights, diversity is embraced, and communities are able to prosper.


  • Dignity and respect
  • Partnership
  • Empowerment
  • Reliability
  • Justice and Equity

 Strategic Directions 2013-2017

  1. Readiness – displaced persons and local communities are supported to advocate and prepare for a voluntary, safe, and dignified return and sustainable reintegration in South East Burma/Myanmar when conditions are conducive
  2. Economic & Social Development – prioritising women and marginalised groups, support displaced and conflict-affected communities to re-establish sustainable livelihoods through skills enhancement, social capital development, and creation of economic opportunities
  3. Humanitarian Support – Humanitarian assistance is targeted to the most vulnerable and supports household capacities and strategies that contribute to food security and shelter
  4. Participation & Governance – accountable and inclusive programme, governance and reconciliation processes are strengthened through increasing community leadership capacities, promoting civil society engagement and ensuring community participation.
  5. Organisational Development – TBC’s organizational resources and structure in Thailand and Burma/Myanmar respond to the shifting and expanding programme directions.


Brief History

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The first major influx of refugees from conflict in South East Burma/Myanmar fled to Thailand in 1984.

At that time, the crisis was expected to last a short time. At the request of the Royal Thai Government (RTG), the refugees were provided with basic humanitarian aid by a group of voluntary agencies who formed the Consortium of Christian Agencies (CCA). As it became clear that the refugees would not be able to return in the short term, a system of camps evolved on the border, the populations grew and greater donor support was required.

CCA evolved into the Burma Border Consortium (BBC) when the Royal Thai Government introduced new guidelines for the delivery of assistance in 1991. The organization was then incorporated as a charity in the United Kingdom as the Thailand Burma Border Consortium (TBBC) in 2004. A change in name to The Border Consortium (TBC) was registered in 2012 to facilitate the establishment of an office in Yangon the following year. Throughout this period TBC and its predecessors has been the main conduit for humanitarian assistance to the refugees by providing food, shelter and camp management support.

For a fuller history of The Border Consortium from 1984 – 2004, see Between Worlds, Twenty Years on the Border. 

Between 2004 and 2014, major developments affecting the border camps have included the introduction of a resettlement program which has seen some 88,000 refugees resettled to third countries, and, in 2010, the introduction of political reforms in Burma/Myanmar. Peace talks between the Burma/Myanmar government and ethnic minorities have raised the prospect of lasting political change that could lead to refugee returns. In mid-2014 the peace negotiations remained at an early stage.


Contact Us

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Head office:

For general inquiries, please contact our head office in Bangkok:

TBC, 12/5 Convent Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand 
Tel: +66 (0) 2238 5027
Fax: +66 (0) 2266 5376


Click here to find a map to our Bangkok Office.

Field offices

Mae Hong Son, Mae Hong Son Province

43/5 Panklawnichom Rd, Amphur Muang, Mae Hong Son 58000

The MHS field office provides support to Ban Mai Nai Soi and Ban Mae Surin camps in Mae Hong Son Province.

Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son Province

164 Moo 12, Bankat, Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son 58110

The Mae Sariang field office provides support to Mae La Oon and Mae Ra Ma Luang camps, in Mae Hong Son Province.

Mae Sot, Tak Province

11/22 Soi Ruamrang, Moo Ban Naifun, Intarakhiree Road, Mae Sot, Tak 63110

The Mae Sot field office provides support to 1 camp: Mae La in Tak Province.

Umphang, Tak Province

798/1, T. Umphang, Amphur Umphang Tak 63170


The Umphang field office provides support to 2 camps: Umpiem Mai and Nu Po in Tak Province.

Kanchanaburi, Kanchanaburi Province

75/4 Pruksakarn 1, Sangchuto Rd, Tamakam, Muang, Kanchanaburi 71000

The Kanchanaburi field office supports Ban Don Yang camp in Kanchanaburi Province and Tham Hin camp in nearby Ratchaburi Province. It also monitors Mon resettlement sites.

Burma/Myanmar, Yangon

99-B, Room 307 Myay Nu Street, Sanchaung Township Yangon, Myanmar.

Tel: +95(01) 2305996


Media Inquiries

Members of the media may contact our Communications Department at the Head Office.


TBC does not have authority to give media organisations access to camps - this can only be given by the Ministry of Interior of the Royal Thai Government.


If you wish to research/obtain information such as books, DVDs and other hard-copy items from our archives, please contact our Resources Centre at Head Office. We also have extensive resources online.

For information regarding specific refugees, please contact UNHCR.


Work With Us

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For general employment queries, email our Human Resources Department. Unfortunately TBC only engages interns and volunteers if there is a formal agreement with an institution.