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Our Mission  

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Mission Statement

The Border Consortium, a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, is an alliance of partners working together with displaced and conflict-affected people of Burma/Myanmar to address humanitarian needs and to support community driven solutions in pursuit of peace and development.


TBC envisions a peaceful Burma/Myanmar where there is full respect for human rights, diversity is embraced, and communities are able to prosper.


  • Dignity and respect
  • Partnership
  • Empowerment
  • Reliability
  • Justice and Equity

 Strategic Directions 2013-2017

  1. Readiness – displaced persons and local communities are supported to advocate and prepare for a voluntary, safe, and dignified return and sustainable reintegration in South East Burma/Myanmar when conditions are conducive
  2. Economic & Social Development – prioritising women and marginalised groups, support displaced and conflict-affected communities to re-establish sustainable livelihoods through skills enhancement, social capital development, and creation of economic opportunities
  3. Humanitarian Support – Humanitarian assistance is targeted to the most vulnerable and supports household capacities and strategies that contribute to food security and shelter
  4. Participation & Governance – accountable and inclusive programme, governance and reconciliation processes are strengthened through increasing community leadership capacities, promoting civil society engagement and ensuring community participation.
  5. Organisational Development – TBC’s organizational resources and structure in Thailand and Burma/Myanmar respond to the shifting and expanding programme directions.