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TBC supports nine camps for displaced people from Burma/Myanmar with food, shelter, and camp management support.

The camps date back to the first major influx of refugees from Burma/Myanmar into Thailand in 1984. In the middle of 2014, there are nine camps with a total population of some 120,000 people.

TBC actively supports the refugee communities who manage much of the day-to-day running of the sites. As well as providing food and shelter, TBC works with partners to support a wide variety of activities that benefit the community and support self-reliance. These include trainings in management and support for agricultural, livelihoods and entrepreneurship activities.

TBC also supports approximately 100,000 vulnerable civilians in conflict affected areas of South East Burma/Myanmar each year. Its Burma/Myanmar programme strives to reduce the vulnerability of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and others affected by conflict and abuse in rural areas of the South East region where most refugees originated.  TBC works in partnership with civil society organisations to deliver food assistance, cash transfers and a range of community driven rehabilitation and development initiatives in these remote areas.