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Emergency Response

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TBC supports Disaster Risk and Disaster Management trainings in the camps, where fire, landslides and floods are all potential hazards in the remote locations.

Fire continues to be the greatest threat to life and safety in the camps,.

Tragically, in mid 2013, 35 people lost their lives in a fire at Ban Mae Surin camp, the worst ever fire in the border sites. At the end of December in the same year, fires broke out at Mae La and  Ban Mai Nai Soi. The refugees and others successfully carried out extraordinary relief and recovery activities in the wake of the tragedies, with generous support from many donors and supporters.

TBC plays a key role in coordinating cross-sectoral assessments and disseminating situation reports in response to such emergencies. TBC also directly distributes blankets, clothing, cooking utensils, food, drinking water, temporary shelter and building materials in the aftermath.