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Largely due to significant funding reductions and commodity price increases, in late 2013 TBC needed to implement changes in the food rations for refugees, including a reduction in the standard monthly ration alongside the introduction of need-based ration categories. Ration levels were maintained for children and vulnerable households, and monthly rice rations increased for households deemed ‘Most Vulnerable.’

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TBC has introduced Community Managed Targeting (CMT) which gives the refugee community a more direct role in managing the provision of food. The CMT model involves working with communities to establish criteria to identify the households that are either food secure or insecure. This is achieved through a transparent process driven by and agreed upon by the community.

CMT is a new initiative that has raised many new questions, as it requires the refugee community to take on a new role in managing their food supply and providing aid on the basis of need.

Overall experience of the process so far suggests that the CMT model has much potential. Yet the changes have also raised anxieties and concerns among some in the communities, including some camp officials. As a result, in some camps the timelines for implementation set by TBC were not met and work on the process is ongoing.

Read about current challenges and hopes for the future from the perspective of Saw Gaw of Nu Po camp.